You know something is off, and you think it might have to do with what you're eating.

Chalk drawing of the gut, surrounded by different foods.

You’ve struggled with constipation, gas, bloating, diarrhea  and/or pain. You’ve tried avoiding certain foods to get rid of your symptoms. But, you just end up feeling deprived and confused.

Perhaps you find yourself Googling your nagging symptoms, like skin issues, fatigue, headaches, weight fluctuations, etc. You know this isn’t normal, but your doctors are not being helpful.

Does this sound familiar?

If you’ve struggled with these symptoms you probably know that another diet isn’t what you need.  And a list of foods you can’t eat is not particularly helpful.

What you need is a clear plan with expert support to achieve results you can see and feel in your body.

Are you ready to find freedom in your food choices and enjoy eating again? By following our proven plan you can get rid of constipation, diarrhea, gas and stomach pain,  have more energy and feel better!

You will learn what foods and supplements work for YOU. You’ll gain knowledge that will serve you for a lifetime so that you can get off Google and back into your life.  Join us now and get the support and accountability you need to keep you moving toward your goals.

You deserve to feel better! Freedom is possible. That’s exactly what you get with The Complete Gut Reset Program

From Clients Who Have Found Healing and Health!

I was dealing with constant stomach pain, bloating, and irregular bowel movements. I had been working with doctors for almost 2 years and no one could find my issue and Marie did it in a matter of months. I can now have regular day without being interrupted by pain. THANK YOU MARIE!!!!!
-Laura H
I worked with Marie for several months, with excellent success. Because of this I’ve made great progress with serious medical diet issues. My improvement is a miracle!
-Linda E
I have suffered from constipation for most of my life, for which I have consulted many doctors. I was prescribed many medications and supplements. It was such a pleasure working with Marie, who listened very well! After 6 days of following her instructions, my symptoms lessened. Now, after 3 weeks, I have no more problems! As I look back at my life, I never felt so happy as I feel right now. It affects not only my mental state, but also my joy of eating.
-Vera E

Hi, I’m Marie.

 A Registered Dietitian, specializing in gut health and mindful weight loss. I help people feel better, take control of their health and manage their weight for good. 
I created The Complete Gut Re-Set Program because when it comes to health, you need more than answers from Google. You need support, clarity, and evidenced-based strategies. I am so excited to help you find the freedom you deserve! 

How the program works...


As part of The Complete Gut Reset, you’ll get the framework you need to help you heal from the inside out. 

🥗  Healing with Diet: You’ll learn how to determine the best dietary approach for you based on your health history and symptoms.

🍊 Fine Tuning with Lifestyle and Supplements: You’ll assess what supplementary protocols can take you to the next level for better health.

🎇 Finding Freedom and Moving Forward: You’ll find the least restrictive diet and fewest supplements possible to maintain optimal health and wellness!

What you'll find inside The Complete Gut Reset Program

☑️ MRT Food Sensitivity Testing 

☑️ On-demand workshops with Marie

☑️ Weekly implementation sessions to keep you on track and troubleshoot any issues that arise

☑️ Three 1:1 sessions with Marie to get laser-focused feedback on your progress

☑️ Recipe collections for different dietary needs

☑️ Unlimited group chats and private messaging

☑️ Easy to print and read guides for quick reference

☑️ Discounts on recommended supplements and testing


Early bird: $997 or $350/month

Full price: $1197 or $425/month

Still Have Questions?
Book a call to discuss whether The Complete Gut Reset is right for you.


When are group meetings held?
Live support sessions will be held weekly. Day and time is TBD.
Is there between-session support?
Direct messaging is available for questions/concerns that arise between sessions.
How long is the program?
This program is entirely self-paced, meaning you do the work when you have the time! Most clients take about 3 months to move through. You will have access to the program itself for 1 year.
Is one-on-one support available?
All participants meet with Marie three times throughout their time in the program.
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