Private Nutrition Coaching

  • Are you unsure of what to eat to reach your health goals? 
  • Tired of all the conflicting dietary advice you hear? 
  • Ready to stop googling all your nutrition and wellness questions? 
  • Do you find yourself yo-yo-ing between “being good” and “eating everything in sight?” 

Managing busy schedules, food choices and meal prep can be overwhelming on its own. Add in new or distressing health concerns, and you may feel helpless. 

You don’t need to face these struggles alone. Private coaching offers a completely tailored approach to achieving your health goals. 

Here’s how we’ll work together: 

  1. An initial 60-minute assessment to evaluate the best plan of action.  
  2. Within 24 hours of this session, you will receive a complete protocol, access to online journals for accountability and progression tracking. 
  3. Thirty-minute follow-up appointments are scheduled at 1-to-2-week intervals to move you forward in your plan. 
  4. Between session messaging is available and provides direct access to Marie for questions/updates/support. 

Let me help put you in the driver’s seat of your own health! 

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