You’re trying to make healthy choices, but don’t have a clear plan in place.

You’ve struggled to stick to a healthy eating plan for more than a week or two. You start off making shopping lists, prepping meals and feeling good. 

After a week or two, things get hectic, you end up without a list of what you need, so you don’t know what to buy. Then, you’re opening your fridge at dinner time with nothing to make a decent meal. 

Maybe you have the food you need, but the recipe you had in mind takes twice as much time as you have. 

Sound familiar?

If you’ve struggled to stay consistent with your eating habits, you’re not alone. Here’s the thing: healthy eating isn’t just about self-discipline. You need a clear plan and the right tools to help you succeed! 

Hi, I’m Marie 👋

Hi, I’m Marie
A registered dietitian, food enthusiast, avid home cook and wellness promoter. I want to help you eat better. Every. Day.

For years, I’ve helped individuals reach their health goals through individual coaching. Over the years, I’ve learned that many people don’t know what to eat, and even if they do, they can’t seem to make their cooking dreams a reality.

I created this subscription plan to help you bring meal plans to life. I believe nutritious food can be delicious, enticing, satisfying AND simple. Each meal plan is carefully crafted to deliver recipes that keep things interesting and fun, all while meeting your specific nutritional goals.

Each subscription includes: 

  • 2 complete made-for-your meals plans (7 days each)
  • 3 recipe collections to inspire you
  • Educational resources
  • Access to meal planning software that can be used on any device




  • What if I just want some recipe collections?
    • No problem! You can purchase individual recipe collections here. 

  • Why subscribe to Nutriplan?
    • Nutriplan is designed to help fit healthy eating into a busy and chaotic life. Most people fall short of their dietary goals in part due to insufficient planning and preparation. Nutriplan is here to help you reach your goals efficiently and deliciously.

  • What if I have special dietary needs?
    • There are several options for programs, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. With access to the meal planning app, you are able to adjust your meal plan so that it’s perfect for you!

  • Can I do a trial?
    • Yes! All Nutriplans come with a 3 day no commitment trial. 

  • Can I switch from on Nutriplan to another?
    • Yes! Simply provide 24 hours notice and we’ll change you to the Nutriplan of your choice!




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